Legends whisper of a secret place deep in the forgotten mystical forest of the 
Ancient Kingdom, where cursed, soulless creatures have been locked away 
since hundreds of winters..

Necromantika presents
King Dragnor's cursed 666 elite warriors 

Main sale start: 1/11/2022 14:00 UTC

Unique NFT project for the finest collectors only


A Forgotten legend 

It happened once, towards the end of the Third Age, that King Dragnor,
lord of Untra, Visehgrad and Anatiliarta... 

...received a harsh threat from the south,
from the newly appointed clan chieftain of the 
Burai half-orc barbarians, Bochokinga.

Bochokinga called on King Dragnor to surrender the entire South,
including the South-Eastern Isles and Utreii, without any resistance.

Dragnor's mage, the Elder Merlieth...

....eventually resorted to blood magic and summoned a
forgotten demon army from the chaotic and dark Second Age, 
which crushed Bochokinga's army to dust.

But King Dragnor paid a heavy price for the victory, 
his best 666 Knights were captured.
by the demons, and by enslaving their souls into the Limbo.

Merlieth ordered the King to hide the damned, sopulless, not living, not completely dead 666 Knights in a
forgotten corner of the Eastern Black Forest, close and seal the Tree House it with his magical seal
and only call them back when the Empire and the Kingdom were in mortal danger.

Now, when mortal danger is on the horizon again after hundred of years of fruitful peace, the seal broke and the damned Knights 
are ready to serve the needs of the Ancient Kingdom again.

You can gain control over the Knights with the "NFT Minting" spell. 

Your Knight will then become a loyal companion and "Resurrection" magic 
will be created to bring the Knight back to life. If you want to.

It is up to you to bring the Knight back into the living using "Resurrection", 
or to control the power of his dead soul imbued with dark magic, 
and at the right moments he will fight for you 
and your territory as a powerful and infinitely loyal elite - but still dead - warrior. 

ok..but where, and when?

in the soon coming dynamic 
NFT based game called 


where we will continue the story of the Knights of the "Ancient Kingdom"!

"Knighthood" will be a completely unique hybrid game based on dynamic NFTs. With PvP and empire-building sections, 
play to earn possibilities, and advanced monetization options. Coming 2022 Q4 !
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The art behind the "Dead Knights"

All the Dead Knights art were created by us, the  artist duo "Necromantika".

Our debut as NFT artists was in april 2021 in the very very successful original "Ether Cards" NFT campaign.


Each "Dead Knight" is completely unique and created 
with good heart to give collectors something extraordinary.

- 666 tokens with some utilities 
- 300 artworks
- 600 single sided tokens (300 animated)
(1 "Resurrection" utility + 2 specials )
- 66 double sided tokens 
(1 "Resurrection" utility + 2 free 
minting slot + 2 specials)
- 3 or 5 utility per NFT
- Guaranteeed free knight minting in "Knighthood"
for all "Dead Knights" token owners
-The maximum number of "Dead Knights" that can be purchased 
in one transaction is limited to 5.

1/11/2022 - 14:00 UTC

0,123 ETH / NFT

Created in 2022 - 
We trust in blockchain, not in the copyright.

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